2 Steps for Proper Installation

2 Steps for Proper Installation

Ensure these two steps are followed for proper Gutterglove Pro installation:

  1. Avoid Roof Ramping: It is important that there is no roof ramping taking place depending on the gutter to roof scenario. Roof ramping is when a roof shingle is lifting upward. Shingles lifting upward will cause water to ramp over the gutter guard, instead of allowing water to flow into the gutter guard. A lifted shingle can also result in water flowing back beneath the shingle, which may result in water damage to the structure. Use an in-gutter installation method if the gutter guard is causing the shingles to ramp upward.
  2. Close the Gap: It’s important to check that there is no gap between the gutter and the front edge of the gutter guard before screwing the gutter guards in place as gaps can allow water run-off. Follow these steps to place a bend in the front aluminum of Gutterglove Pro:

Saw a blade’s width, 5/8-inch-deep groove, 1 inch from the back side of a 2 by 6 lumber board. Place the board on a flat surface and insert the piece of Gutterglove Pro into the groove. Bend the piece of Gutterglove Pro downwards by pulling it toward you until you get the desired angle along the front edge.

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